Mentors & Partners.

Mentoring depends on the commitment of the individual. The programme relies on volunteers and neither mentors nor mentees are paid for their involvement. Mentor and mentee are free to determine how their relationship will work, as mentoring must avoid bureaucracy. Those who take part in the programme as a mentor show the value they attach to their employer, the wider economy and the other partners in the programme. In turn, those values are reflected back to each individual by the community engaged in the programme.

Our Mentors & Partners.

The mentors themselves are highly qualified and experienced staff from a range of sectors and businesses. The companies involved are our partners because they release staff to become mentors and open up their networks of contacts to the mentees. The Mentoring Programme also benefits from the support of a number of sector associations and trade bodies.

The Partners.

Association of Switzerland Employers 
Association of Zurich Employers Industry